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Ohio Schools Employment Service Saves School Employee Time

Budgetary challenges can often be solved through Ohio schools employment service functions, reducing the need of having office staff members administer payroll, process claims, and fulfill government reporting requirements.

In times of budget reduction, staff members are often assigned additional duties, and may not be qualified to administer them. Renhill Group can assist with these duties, thereby saving your staff time to focus on solving current educational challenges in today’s economy.

We can help your employees focus where they need to in meeting the educational changes and challenges they face for their students’ success.

Districts with Budget Concerns Turn to Our
Ohio School Employment Service for Savings

With more prevalent state budget deficits and the reduction of state aid, many Ohio school districts are seeking innovative ways to reduce costs. Schools are no exception when it comes to having to reduce a budget during economic hardships. Fortunately, our Ohio schools employment service programs are affordable to school districts, and can often result in overall improvement in budget challenges.

At The Renhill Group, we understand how complex budget cuts can become. We can assist schools by serving as the Employer of Record for designated staff. We manage payroll, carry insurance, and manage claims for Unemployment and Workers Compensation, as well as employee contributions to SERS and STRS as required by the state.

Renhill’s Ohio School Employment Service
Handles Compliance for Your District

Total and consistent compliance of requirements and licensure is critical for your school, and our Ohio school employment service includes this as part of our overall effort to make your school function more efficiently.

Your Renhill Group representative stays current on state guidelines and requirements, and makes sure that the services offered to you meet all legal requirements. Our personnel file management is handled with the utmost level of confidentiality, as that is a critical standard in our Ohio school employment service, ensuring integrity for your school district.

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