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School Services

When you need an educational staffing solution, The Renhill Group of Northwest Ohio is best qualified to meet your needs. We are committed to connecting quality school employees with Ohio schools, while recognizing each position to be important to the education process.

The Renhill Group develops educational staffing solutions dedicated to your school district success. Ohio school districts face enough challenges in today’s economy, without adding burdensome staff management to the mix.

An Educational Staffing Solution That You Can Trust to Manage Your Staffing Problems

It takes a lot of administrative effort to effectively manage an entire team of teachers, substitute teachers, and paraprofessionals. The Renhill Group educational staffing solutions are designed to help recruit, train, schedule, and manage your teaching and supportive staff.

We have helped businesses solve staffing problems for over 40 years, and we were the premiere company sought to assist with local educational services when substitute-teaching programs in Northwest Ohio needed staffing management.

Our services were developed and refined based on the needs of the school districts that sought our help. Today, we provide school services for hundreds of schools throughout Ohio.

We help recruit and train the educational staff that is unique for your school system. Whether it includes substitute teachers, custodial or food service staff, or specialty paraprofessionals, our educational staffing solutions encompass all aspects of finding the right candidate, ensuring their legal compliance with state and local guidelines, and managing the functions of their payroll administration.

We offer the following educational staffing programs to school districts throughout Ohio:

Marketing & Recruitment,
Employment Services & Payroll,
Records Compliance / Personnel File Management and
Substitute Services

If you would like to learn even more about how our services can benefit your school system, please contact our President, Barrie Howell 1-800-776-8722 x 2827 or [email protected]. Or you can access our staff directory here: contact us.

Teachers Rely on Our
Educational Staffing Solutions for Their Career

Substitute teachers are dedicated to providing quality education to Ohio students; and that is better accomplished when they don’t have to worry about finding staffing opportunities.

Renhill recruits year round for qualified employees for school based positions. Job seekers wanting to work in substitute positions can be used in a variety of educational settings. Our educational staffing solutions match the right candidate with the position and environment where they will excel and contribute to the overall success of the school district.

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